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3 Animated Explainer Videos Myths You Need to Forget

There are common animated explainer videos myths that circle around the internet! These myths will confuse you and distract you from making a great explainer video! Here are the top 3 myths you should forget right now!
Today, every information can be found online, on the internet, however, you shouldn’t believe in everything you read as there are so many wrong information that can only confuse you and distract you from finding the right information you need. The biggest reason behind all of this is the fact that many people usually draw conclusions and results based on speculations or on their personal experience and generalize them into misconceptions or myths.
There are common animated explainer videos myths that circle around the internet. These myths will definitely confuse you and stop you from creating a great explainer video for your business, for your upcoming meeting, for your marketing strategy, and etc.
In this article, we are going to present you 3 animated explainer videos myths you need to forget right now:

1. Professional business explainer videos should be long and detailed:

This is probably the worst thing you could do when making your own explainer video – making the video long and boring. You should abide by the “short and sweet” rule. A good and professionally done video must include your business idea and end with a call-to-action in the quickest time possible. An interesting and engaging as your video and content may be, you need to keep in mind that viewers have a really short attention and they tend to quit a video if the notice it is too long. This could be a huge drawback for your business as conversion optimization is probably the best result of a well-done video. If you want to learn how to achieve these result, check out https://squareship.com

2. I will reduce costs if I write the script for my own explainer video:

You can write the script for your own explainer video but only if you have years of experience in writing scripts. You can’t save money by creating a poor and low-quality script as your script will suck and based on that script you will create a poor looking video and you will be seen by your potential customers as an unreliable and unprofessional brand. You will lose your customers and you won’t make a single sale. Instead, you need to allow someone who has the experience to write the script for you.









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3. Writing the script for my own explainer video will give me more control

Again, you will be in a control, but only if you are qualified to write your own script. If you don’t know how to write video scripts, you will be confused as you probably wouldn’t know where to start. We know that you hesitate to get in touch with a professional video production company, but give them a chance. Contact one company and see what can they offer you, what are their prices, and etc. Maybe you will find an attractive deal that really suits your needs, as well as your budget. There are professional and experienced scriptwriters who will improve the overall quality of your animated explainer video. They will provide you with interesting ideas and help you create the best explainer video for sure.
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We hope that by revealing these 3 myths, you will be able to focus more on creating the perfect animated explainer video. Again, don’t believe anything you read online. If you are not sure about something, double check the information and make sure you are on the right track.
So, are you ready to make fun and interesting animated explainer videos? Have fun!