Explainer Video Script Tips for Online Merchants

//Explainer Video Script Tips for Online Merchants

As an online merchant, you want to ensure that your products sell more than your competitors because after all, this is why you are here after all. You cannot effectively achieve this if your website ranking is not good. A good website for business needs to rank high in various search engines because then people can easily find you, and subscribe to your services. There are many marketing strategies that most online merchants use these days. They can use search engine optimized content, use various social media platforms to promote their websites and also use the nowadays hyped explainer videos.

Explainer videos as a marketing tool are hyped these days because they have proven to work better than any other marketing strategies employed by online merchants. They are cost-effective, and their effects are instant. Just like any film, they also have a script. A script for these videos is unique because these videos are often short, about one and a half minutes long. It is within this short time that you need to tell your viewers of what you do and how your products and services can solve your audiences’ problems. It is easier said than done but you need to ensure that your scripts are on point because they are the determinant of whether your video will be a hit or a miss. Here are some tips for writing a killer script for your online explainer video.

1.    Make them short

Internet users are known to have a very short concentration span. Not so many people can watch a 2 minutes’ explainer videos. In fact, it is said that 85% of all internet users will only spend 30 seconds watching these kinds of videos. Only 50 percent will watch such a video to completion. Now if your video is more than 90 seconds only a few people if any will watch it to completion. Most will move to your competitor sites and order what they want there. As a rule of thumb ensure the script for your video is brief but on point.

2.    Should be humorous

No matter what service you are selling, ensure your script has some sense of humor. Customers want to be entertained while on your site.  It is only through some humor that your video will continue resonating in your customer’s minds. However, be sure not to force the humor as it simply won’t work.

3.    Call to Action

A good script also needs to have a clear call to action, where you need to tell your visitors what to do once they have finished watching your video. A call to action needs to be simple but clear. Remind them to download, buy, subscribe to your services or even share the videos.

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