Handy Tips When Writing a Successful Script for an Explainer video

//Handy Tips When Writing a Successful Script for an Explainer video

Explainer videos have become the talk of the day among e-commerce site owners. They come packed with advantages that any budding online business owner needs not to ignore. But did you know that just like the other videos, these videos also need a script? Many website owners ignore this however it is vital in making the explainer video work for the site. An explainer video will see your site ranking well on various search engines, will see your site realize high traffic and also an increased conversion rate.  Therefore, remember the following tips when writing a script for your site’s explainer video.

1.    Should be on point

Always make your video short but efficiently deliver your e-commerce idea both directly and quick. Also, ensure it is simple in that you refrain from explaining everything in the script. Try to only think about the most important aspects of your business and include here. Avoid including your businesses history and achievements. It is only when the viewer gets interested in what you are offering that you can genuinely explain to them about your products and service.

2.    Ensure you focus on your visitors

When making a script for your website’s explainer videos, always focus on your target audience and their problems and how best you can solve them. Be sure not to sell anything to them in the video but only educate them on how your products and services solve their problems. This will make them trust your products and services even more. Focus much time on solving your customers’ problems rather than using the entire time talking about your brand.

3.    Let the call to action be clear

In your script, ensure you make a clear call to action of what you intend your viewers to do when they are done to watch the explainer video. It may be downloading an eBook, sharing the video or even subscribing to your newsletter. This should be made clear. Again refrain from making many calls to actions as this may end up confusing your visitors.

4.    Let it have the right tone

A perfect script for explainer video needs to be written with your audience in mind. Remember who your visitors or customers are and what age bracket they fall into. With this in mind, you will be sure to find the perfect tone for the explainer video. Further, this will also aid you in finding the right cast for the video.

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